”I am writing in support of John Phillips, now of JP Mortgages, Independent Mortgage Brokers.

NASUWT is the largest teachers’ union in the Yorkshire & Humberside region and the largest in the UK as a whole. I first got to know John when I was a member of Leeds NASUWT, one union association within the region which I subsequently went on to head up. John was known to Leeds NASUWT for 23 years since his beginning working for Colonial Mutual, who were at that time the approved financial service providers for NASUWT. He worked for Colonial until 1995, when the company was acquired by Winterthur (and not long following that NASUWT nationally moved to alternative service providers).

Prior to John’s appointment, there had been a series of unreliable and frankly poor employees of Colonial working in the Leeds area. John’s arrival was a breath of fresh air, and his friendly manner and obvious expertise led to him being accepted very quickly indeed into the local union machinery. We consistently had good reports of the service he was providing to our members, and I have to say that teachers are quite a demanding body of people to have to deal with. He has an honest approach, coupled with a deep understanding of the needs of his clients, and this enabled him to succeed and develop a large following where others had floundered.

John was involved in visiting schools, holding meetings on topics such as pensions or mortgage provision, liaising with our school representatives, follow up visits to members’ homes and attending and speaking at union area meetings.

The fact that Leeds NASUWT allowed him such access to our members is testament to the high regard in which he was held. Indeed, were he to have been unsuitable in any way, dishonest or not knowledgeable, he would have been damaging to the good name and reputation of NASUWT which would directly affect our membership recruitment and retention – clearly not something that would be tolerated. Instead, he was an ambassador for Leeds NASUWT in most schools; promoting the union and its services with the good work he was doing offering financial advice and products to members.

Although John moved on to set up his own company, he still has many clients amongst our members and I understand he does still visit some schools and meet teachers. We still hear people in schools talk fondly of him and when he worked for Colonial and the NASUWT approved provider of financial services.

John Phillips is, both in my opinion and that based on the experience of his work for NASUWT in Leeds, a reliable straight talking, honest and friendly financial adviser that I have no problem in recommending to anyone.”

Steve White
Regional Organiser
NASUWT Yorkshire & Humberside 


”I have known and worked with John for nearly 20 years and managed him when he was a senior Independent Financial Adviser at Bradford & Bingley. I cannot recommend him highly enough for his knowledge on the financial services and mortgage markets.”

”John is is hard working, energetic and self motivated with a passion & commitment for delivering the right solution for his clients. His integrity and commitment to upholding the highest possible standards are first class and he has a personal touch with all his clients which sets him well apart from others.”

Ian Shedlow 


”John regularly attends NLA meetings of local landlords across Yorkshire and offers impartial, timely and authoritative advice to those present about the mortgage market in general, and to buy to let customers in particular. His free advice is always valued by landlords, giving as he does an overview on an ever-changing housing market.”

Dr. Michael Troke


”John & I have worked together for many years, helping clients get mortgages and loans. I can genuinely say that there is no one I know who tries harder to get the best deal for his clients. John will always go that extra mile to help clients and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help to get the money they need.”

David Randles 
D & J Randles
Chartered Accountants