Council Right to Buy

Are you looking to buy your Council House? If so please complete our no obligation form below and a specialist advisor will contact you very soon.

Depending on how long you have been a tenant in the property you will be eligible for a discount on the valuation. This discount varies depending on the area you live in and the length of time you’ve been in the property.

Do I qualify for the Right to Buy?

Many tenants throughout the UK can benefit from buying their council property. Many Council Houses are now controlled by Housing Associations so it can be a little complicated:

  • First check that you are a Secure Tenant (most council tenants who live in self contained accommodation are secure tenants). Effectively, this means, you have a right to stay in the property provided you keep the tenancy conditions.
  • If you are a Secure Tenant and you have been in the property since before 18th January 2005 you have the Right to Buy.
  • If you were the tenant in a different council property within the same council before 18th January 2005, and you have since moved to your current property without a gap, you will have the Right to Buy.

Please call for an initial discussion to see if we can help.

Right to buy terms of business.